Thursday, January 26, 2012

What Is The "Occupy My Wallet" Movement?

I set about 88 resolutions for myself this New Year.  I always kind of do.  I like setting up myself for failure.  I'm okay with it.

So one of my resolutions, was to not spend any money on material possessions for the month of January.  I'm allowed to spend money on gas, groceries and restaurant/take-out food.  I am not holding my husband to my strict communism like regiment.  So why am I doing this:

1.  We're poor and I'd like to not be poor again someday.
b.  I have way too much crap in my house as is and I want to stop adding to it.
III.  I might also be on some anti-consumerism/green kick.  Probably not, but maybe I am subconsciously.

The point too is that even "great" deals cost money.  You know the whole "Ooh!  Some Wii game that is regularly $49.99 is on sale for $9.99!"  Yeah, well that's still $10 spent on crap I don't need.  I have some exceptions to my "rule":

-  I'm allowed to use gift cards, store rewards and whatnot to buy stuff.

-  If I need to (and that's a BIG need to) - I can replace items if I throw away or give away the item I'm replacing.  I might have to take advantage of this rule with snow pants for my children here soon - so I actually just made up this rule so I can buy snow pants without breaking my resolution.  Only 5 more days of the month - I can't fail this close to the end.

-  I'll shop for gifts for other people.  I'm not going to deny my children birthday parties and/or family gatherings because "Mommy's so cheap, she won't let you buy a present for said recipient."  I'm cheap, but I'm not that cheap.  Seriously - I'm not.

So in summary, "Occupy My Wallet":  My own personal movement where I want to actually save money and protest buying crap that I don't need.  I should start taking joy in the stuff that I actually have and not stuff that I want (no matter how "cheap" it is). 

So far this month I have made the following material purchases:

- Items at Old Navy as a gift.  Used all Old Navy rewards and spent 0 out of pocket.

- Scored 96 k-cups at Staples for .20 cents using Staples Rewards.  This is more "grocery" anyways and I NEED k-cups.

-  Bought a set of hand weights at Sears using a Merchandise Credit.  I'm doing the 30-Day Shred, so watch out!  Soon I'll be cheap and hot.  

-  Allowed my husband to buy a few light fixtures.  Again - I'm not going to make him not buy stuff if he wants it - but he knows my game plan and is pretty easy going with my cheapness.  I think this is the only thing he's bought besides food this month.  Unless he's hoarding away newly purchased possessions in his car - I haven't seen anything come in these doors.  Well - and light bulbs.  The guy bought light bulbs.

-  Returned to Old Navy to use a $20 Groupon I bought in 2011.  Got 5 shirts, and Angry Bird and a soda for .55 cents out of pocket.  I'll call the .55 cents as the soda purchase (grocery/food) so it was no money spent on material crap. 

And I think that's it.  Which is really good for me.  I was in a "buying a lot of crap" mode for a few months there.  Besides the Angry Bird at Old Navy, the kids haven't gotten anything new.  I haven't gotten anything new besides my hand weights.  It feels oddly good.  

So the question remains - Are you Occupying Your Wallet? 


MaryAnne said...

I'm pretty good at occupying my wallet, mainly because I hate shopping - and am well-trained from years of paying off college debt (nearly six figures by the time we finished grad school). I need maternity clothes, and haven't gotten the courage to go buy them yet. Good thing my sister gave me those slightly-large jeans...

Precious said...

These are great points.