Thursday, January 26, 2012

Saving Money Challenge: Make a Valentine's Day Gift for "Free"

Want a cheap and heartfelt gift?  Make a Love Jar!  So I got this idea from someone I know who posted it on Facebook - his daughters made him one.  It seemed simple enough for even me to do.  So the kids and I set out to make a "Love Jar" for their father this Valentine's Day.  This "free" project assumes that you have construction paper, a pen, scissors, ruler, glue & a clean old jar (I used a Spaghetti Sauce jar).

So I took 9 pieces of construction paper (way too many) and traced a heart cookie cutter on one page.  If you don't have a heart cookie cutter, you can print off a heart template by Google searching "heart" and click on "images".  

Then you have a bunch of hearts.  You can have your child write things they love/like about who ever you are giving this to.  If they are a little young or a little uninterested, you can just ask them things they like about so & so and you can write them.   So essentially, every heart is "something you love about whoever". WARNING:  If you have boys, they probably won't be very interested in this.  At least mine weren't.

Then you take your clean jar, another piece of construction paper, a ruler and a pen.  Measure how wide you'd like a band of paper around it.  I did 3 1/4".  

I cut my strip of paper, wrote some fruity words on it, put glue on my jar and before long...

Ta-Da!  I put all of our hearts that had "love" things on them in there.  Ours aren't very sentimental - they run along the course of "I love when Dad buys me donuts." and "I love when Dad plays video games with me."  This is fine.  It's the sons' feelings - I'm not going to try to force them to say all thought provoking crap like "I love that Daddy is a great provider for our family" and "I love the nurturing ways Daddy takes care of me when I fall."  That's just not us.  If it's you - great.  We're sticking to donuts and Angry Bird purchases.  

I dolled ours up with a little ribbon - but let your creative juices flow.  Throw on some glitter - use fancy writing, have the kids decorate it, etc. etc.  You could throw on the number of hearts on it (i.e. "50 Things I Love About You!").  I also threw on a little round piece of construction paper on top to cover the Prego logo.  You could also make this really look nice by using fabric.  The possibilities are endless!

This post is partially inspired by the group challenge Precious started at Frugal Makes Cents.

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