Sunday, January 15, 2012

Saving Money Challenge: Pack Your Own Snacks

I love convenience.  I'm lazy and sometimes the price doesn't matter when it comes to me wanting to be lazy.  But in an attempt to save money, I'm trying harder to pack my own snacks.  All of them.  

It's really cheap to do.  For instance, if you score a box of Cheez-Its for $2, you'll get 12 servings out of the box - or .125 cents per just over 1 ounce of snack.  If you buy the prepackaged packs at BJ's, you are talking more like .30 cents per pack.  For the same amount. 

When I package snacks, I usually just do the whole box at a time.  I actually use the food scale I have to make sure my bags are relatively the same.  This doesn't take much more time at all.  Zero out the scale, throw some crackers in the bag, weigh it and if it's not close to 1 ounce, make it so it is.  

This whole process takes about 5 minutes.  Then you have 12 individualized snacks for the kiddies, you and whoever else may benefit from an ounce of Cheez-Its.  

I also do this with bigger bags of potato chips for the husband from time to time since he isn't a fan of delicious cheese crackers.  

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