Sunday, January 22, 2012

Saving Money Challenge: Make a Stockpile List

So.  I just set foot in a "real" grocery store yesterday since before the New Year.  I think December 27th to be exact.  We've been living out of our cabinets for the past 24 days and it was pretty good.  Losing tomato sauce and diced tomatoes put a damper on my spirits though.

Now that my cabinets are getting bare, I decided to make a list of my "Stockpile Items".  These are items that I (or the family) will eat no matter what.  They won't go unused in my cabinets (like potato pancake mix...).  This will save me money because I can concentrate on price points for these particular products and these only.  When I see a good deal on them - I can scoop them up.

Here we go (and this is just my preference - everyone is different):

Dry Pantry:

-  All Pasta (preferably those fortified with fiber.  i.e. Ronzoni Smart Taste)
-  All Tomato Sauce
-  Diced Tomatoes
-  Tomato Paste
-  Tuna Fish
-  Soup
-  Kidney, Black & Pinto Beans
-  Rice
-  Vegetable Oil
-  Flour
-  Bread Crumbs
-  Parmesan Cheese
-  Granulated Sugar
-  Powdered Sugar (I'm addicted to cookies)
-  Salad Dressing
-  Baked Beans
-  Canned Chili (the husband's favorite)
-  Salsa
-  Pickles
-  Olives
-  Any jarred/canned peppers
-  Cereal
-  Canned Fruit
-  Canned Vegetables (sparingly, as we eat mostly frozen vegetables)


- Broccoli
- Peas
- Corn
- Carrots
- Onions
- Peppers
- Meat (preferably lean cuts)
- Ice Cream
- Breakfast Sausage

I'm really trying to stay away from the processed crap:  Stuff like Rice-A-Roni and Hamburger Helper.  Believe me - I'm not knocking people who eat this or feed this to their kids.  I grew up on Hamburger Helper (and I LOVE this crap) - but I'm just trying to eat better (salt really does a number on me these days!  I'm old!) - and as a result - the rest of the family has to miss out.  I do like to keep Ramen Noodles in the house though.  Go figure.

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