Monday, January 30, 2012

Occupy My Wallet: Day 29

I read on the internet that the average person spends 13 months and 1 week sitting on the toilet in their lifetime.  That's a lot of crapping.  This statistic made the husband and I realize that we need to choose our next toilet wisely.

Voila!  Introducing the latest addition to our family.  

It's the Flushmaster 5000.  Actually, it's not.  That just sounds nice.  We ended up going with this $190 toilet ($171 after the husband's military discount).  The cheapest toilets they have at Lowe's are $88.  The most expensive are about $700 on special order.  So $171 is a nice balance.  

This toilet had me at "a pee button" and "a poop button".  Say no more - I wanted it.  A pee flush uses 1 gallon, a poop flush uses 1.6 gallons.  The husband liked how the box boasted it "stays clean" or something like that.  Apparently he doesn't think I'm a good toilet cleaner.  

So we didn't do a "great" job at Occupying Our Wallet yesterday - as we dropped $180 at Lowe's (after taxes).  The husband also stopped and grabbed milk & Cheetos.  Priorities people.  New week ahead though at making a conscious effort to not buy material possessions.  Overall, we're doing great.

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