Saturday, January 28, 2012

Occupy My Wallet: Day 27

Can't believe the month is almost already over.  Yesterday I dropped a few bucks at Lowe's.  Had to buy a can of paint and some wood filler.  Cost out of pocket was $31.  But that was it.

In case you don't know (and care - which you probably don't) - our upstairs toilet is leaking so we're replacing it.  In fact, it's a 6 gallon toilet - which apparently nowadays is huge.  Toilets come in about 1 1/4- 1 1/2 gallon sizes.  The parts we would need to fix our toilet would be about $40.  The new toilet I have my eyes on is $118 ($106 after the husband's discount).  Sure, it's more than twice the amount than fixing it - but my friendly DPW guy said we'll see a dramatic difference on our water bill.  I understand this concept and didn't even blink at the thought of fixing the old toilet.

So we are "re-doing" our bath - painting and replacing fixtures.  The gold trim look left style in the early 90s so we're keeping up with the times.  In fact, the husband already replaced the main light fixture and faucet months ago because they drove him crazy.  So now I'm replacing the cabinet pulls and bathroom hardware.

For whatever reason, my husband wants everything to "match" in our house.  Virtually everything is "oil polished bronze" in our house.  Every light fixture, door knob, curtain rod in the main space, etc.  I threw up wooden hardware in our downstairs bathroom really cheap a few years back and he's disgusted by it. I'm actually kind of surprised he hasn't changed it out yet.  Our kitchen faucet is also chrome - which "doesn't match".  Yeah - because kitchen faucets are suppose to match light fixtures and door knobs, I guess.

Anyways - so a lot of "oil finished bronze" or whatever is actually on the pricer side of things.  So when I was at Lowe's yesterday, I looked at cabinet pulls and bath hardware.  Had I bought what I wanted there - it would have been about $85-$90.  Really?  $4 for a little knob to pull my cabinets open?  Well I didn't buy it.  I came home to Amazon and found virtually the same thing I wanted to buy for $1.79 a pull.  Then I found some bath hardware for $48 - toilet paper holder, 24" towel rack & a circular towel holder.  Not "cheap" by any means - but it's what I wanted.  And BONUS!  If you're a Discover Card user, you can apply your rewards balance to Amazon purchases.  So I did that - so my cabinet pulls & hardware are essentially "free".

I won't get the stuff until for a few days - but that's okay.  I'm in no real rush to hang up towels anyways.  The floor will do just fine.

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