Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Occupy My Wallet: Day 16

I am having a great time just putzing around my house and entertaining myself with the crap I have lately.  Needless to say, another day and no money spent.  Just to recap - I'm trying to go the month of January without buying any material things.  I'm also trying to eat everything out of my cupboard.  I'm living in the Amish Paradise.

Yesterday, I hung some pictures that I've been meaning to hang before Christmas.  I've been sewing some random stuff (I'm trying to make a quilt out of random fleece blankets that I have had in storage for years), and just going through and throwing away things I don't need).  The only draw back to this is because I forgot to put my garbage out last Friday - the garbage area of my driveway looks tacky and over grown with garbage.  I still have 5 days until pick up!  Aye Carumba!

Today's looking like a stellar day as well.

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