Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Cabinets - Oh Goodness

These are my cabinets.  They are horrible.

 There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to them.  Just crap thrown in there.  You may ask "why do you have foil over a jar of peanut butter?"  Oh yeah - that's simple.  Somehow, someway, my 5 & 4 year old broke the plastic top to it.  Throw away an almost completely full jar of peanut butter or throw foil on it?  I chose foil.  

 This is my "cereal and baking" stash.  And apparently tortilla chip stash.  Why I have 3 bags of chips is beyond me.  I think they are all expired.  

I really shouldn't complain about my cabinets.  They're pretty big - tall, deep and all that.  But it's like a black hole for canned foods.  I'm going to take the crap out of there and try to figure out what to actually do with it.  I have lots of beans, diced tomatoes and barbecue sauce.  

My plan?  Go to Allrecipes.com once I figure out everything I have.  They have this great feature where you can search for recipes by entering ingredients you have.  If you haven't checked them out, you should! If I get a result of a lot of recipes, I just sort by rating and make the recipe that has the most ratings.  I mean, when it comes to a good recipe - 500 people can't be wrong, right? 

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