Monday, January 16, 2012

Eating Out of the Cabinets: This Week's Menu Plan

So.  In case you didn't know (and actually care.  You probably don't - and I'm cool with that), one of my 88 resolutions this new year is to eat everything out of my cabinets and "start fresh".  So the past 15 days were pretty good and easy - but now it's getting challenging.  My goal once my cabinets are empty is to make a list of things I want stockpiled - not the random crap I have like Potato Pancake mix & spicy V-8.

I haven't banned myself from the grocery store - I've only just been buying produce, meat, dairy and other perishables.  No "stocking up" or anything beyond the baking basics to fill the cupboard.  By the end of this week - I'll be pretty bare.  But I'm so close to February  (well, half way there...) that I wonder if we can survive eating out of the cabinets the entire month.  For the record - I'm not some big stockpiling person.  Although I think we have too much crap - based on others with real "stockpiles" - it's nothing.

So here goes it:

Monday:  BBQ Pork in the Crockpot with Yellow Rice.  Steam some broccoli.

Tuesday:  Leftover Pork.  Might need to make more rice.  Find some vegetable to go with it.

Wednesday:  Rice Krispie Chicken with canned peas & boxed mashed potatoes.  Will scale down the chicken recipe to 1 pound.

Thursday:  Italian Marinated Chicken (I have half a bottle of Italian Dressing in the refrigerator that expires this month.  Might as well use it.)  Couscous & broccoli (I have about 4 pounds in the freezer).

Friday:  Taco Casserole.  Have most of the ingredients laying around.  Will have to pick up a tomato - but I'll be doing a produce run this week anyways so it's no biggie.

Saturday:  Leftover Taco Casserole.

Sunday:  Homemade Chicken Lo-Mein.

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