Tuesday, January 17, 2012

$20 Shutterfly Lifetouch Credit - Expires 1/31/12!!

Did you order school pictures this fall of your little ones?  Was it through Shutterfly?  Well then chances are, you got a $20 off any purchase code from Shutterfly in that packet.  There is no minimum (although you have to spend at least $20 to get it - my total came to $19.99 - so I had to throw in an extra 4X6 print to put me over).  You cannot apply this credit to shipping or taxes.  Still a good deal though, right?

I ended up getting a 16X20 collage print.  I have a 16X20 frame up in my attic that is just sitting there collecting dust.  So I'm going to put it to good use.  This is what I made:

I'm pretty old lady like in that I love college picture frames.  I have two up in the attic that broke (one the glass, one the back).  I'm just too lazy to re-do them.  I will.  Soon.  Since I couldn't figure out what I really wanted from Shutterfly with our pictures all thrown all over them, I decided to splurge on a picture for me. Whoop Whoop!  

I believe with shipping and tax, it cost me $6.78.  So if you're sitting on that Lifetouch credit - use it up here soon!  It expires on 1/31/12.  

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Anonymous said...

Cute! This is the first time I saw a real pic of you, cute redhead family!