Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Staples Rewards on your Phone!

Have you ever found yourself in Staples and thought "Gee Whiz!  I forgot my Staples Rewards!" or "I wonder if I have any Staples Rewards to redeem!".  Well I have.  Seriously.

So a few weeks back, I was in this situation.  Since I'm addicted to my iPhone, I decided to just look up my rewards on Safari.  It's easy - go to

After you log in, you can keep it so your phone knows you.  Now, whenever I go to Staples, I don't even print out my rewards - I just pull them up on my phone for the cashier to scan.  See:

Isn't that cool?  What's even cooler is that because of this blog post, I learned how to take a screen shot on my iPhone.  Simple things amuse me.  Save paper, save time, use your iPhone!

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