Saturday, December 31, 2011

Occupy My Wallet 2012

I think I have been using shopping as a drug lately.  It's (it was) the holidays and a good way to cope.  Better than Oxy, right?  So for the beginning of 2012, I'm going to try a new movement:  Occupy My Wallet.  I'm going to stand by my wallet and not open it for consumption.  I'll probably fail at this attempt.

So what's the deal.  I have too much crap.  When you have too much crap, you can't keep it organized and stuff.  Then the disorganization makes you crazy and makes you just want to leave your house to buy more crap to keep unorganized.

So in January - I'm going to make a conscious effort to not buy anything other than groceries, gas & food.  I can't take away the take out.  Even the best homemakers need breaks.  What I can do without though is the random purchases from Lowe's, Michael's and everywhere else though.

We have more arts & craft supplies to last us until eternity.  We have toiletries up the wazoo.  Even my kitchen cabinets are getting zoo like.  I need the crap to go away.  So that's what I'll be working on in January.  I'll still post deals around.  Why not?  I enjoy it.

This isn't a resolution.  It's just a cleanse.  I need to cleanse my homelife.  So for the next 31 days I will try to do just that.  Maybe during this cleanse I can save a few bucks too.  It's time to take back my wallet.


MaryAnne said...

Good luck!

Precious said...

Goodd luck purging. Why don't you sell some of the excess?