Saturday, December 31, 2011

Groupon Discriminates RedHeads! (and a deal on pumpkin facials!)

So a local spa - Meridians in Weymouth is offering a Groupon Now! Deal.  You know what these are?  They are deals that are typically for that day only.  Or restaurants will do lunch specials or whatever.  It helps if you have a smart phone to find these deals.  It's for today only.  Get pumpkin smeared on your face for $49.

Today, Meridians is doing a 1 Hour Pumpkin Puree Facial with Firming Mask.    That sounds awesome - no seriously.  I hope it's cinnamon scented.  But look at the picture they use:


Seriously?  It's like saying "Hey Pumpkin Heads!  Come on in and let us smear pumpkin puree all over your face.  Then you'll match!  Ha ha ha ha ha!!"  

Very funny Groupon.  Not amused with the pumpkin thing and red-head correlation.  

So if you are bored today and have $50 just laying around (I'm sure you do!) - go get a Pumpkin Facial!

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MaryAnne said...

lol you are hilarious!!! Thanks for the laugh =)