Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cheap Lego Storage: $34.99 @ Michaels

I love Legos.  More than my sons.  Storing Legos?  Not so much.  I have no idea the right way to do it or whatever.  I am pretty inexperienced in this though as my sons are just now getting into Legos - but we already have 1000s upon 1000s of them.  It's sick really.

Yesterday I scored this colorful 10-drawer scrapbooking storage unit for said Legos for only $29.99 at Michael's.  Unfortunately, I used a coupon ($5/$25) that was only good yesterday - but $34.99 is still a great deal for this - it's ticketed price is $69.99.  It's usually on sale for about $41.99 (yes, I've been stalking this piece of plastic for awhile now).

It's nice because it's partially color coded.  I put ours:  Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Green, (empty for now), Blue, (empty for now), Purple/gray, and Black.

I'm slowly growing my little Lego compound...oh, I mean my kids' Lego compound....

And in case you can't get enough of Lego storage, here's one more look at the glory of it all:

Now I have also picked up 15-cup "Rubbermaid" type containers at my favorite Dollar Tree.  These are used to try to keep the sets in place.  That isn't going so well - so when my son tries to rebuild the set, he can go to the color-coded drawers to try to find his missing pieces.

They look similar to this:

If you dig really tacky Lego looking stuff, you can nab THIS LEGO STORAGE UNIT on Amazon right now for $69.99 (reg. $139.99):

Lastly, our "Homemade Lego Table" was a hit with the kids this Christmas.  And it was VERY EASY to make.


Becky said...

Oops. Second sentence should read "More than my sons DO." I don't love expensive plastic more than my sons. Just stating that for the record but won't edit the post (it will be kind of funny to see if I get any threats from strangers saying they'll call DSS on me).

BabiesandBargains said...

wow this is so smart! I think I need this for my sons ever growing lego collection esp since my younger boy has plenty of time for legos as well..Hopefully I can pick this up Friday!

MaryAnne said...

I still can't believe you got that IKEA table for $15!

We use those 15-cup containers for most of our toys - I love that they are all one size, stackable, and you can easily see what is inside.

jhon haverd said...

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