Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Generic Spices: No Really, They Do Just Fine.

One thing I am really amazed at is how expensive spices are at the grocery store.  Now granted, I'm no gourmet cook, but I have had delicious dishes come out of using spices from CVS (they're about a $1), The Christmas Tree Shop (.89 cents) and of course, my beloved Dollar Tree (obviously, $1).

Don't worry - I won't call you ghetto or gross if you admit that you use generic spices.  I do.  And well yeah, I am kind of trashy.  So take what you will from this post.

I want to show you though how generic spices did not effect my cookie making this year.  I use Almond Extract a lot.  Seriously.  Weird, I know.  Last Christmas, I made cookies using McCormack's over priced bottle of Almond Goodness.


Now this year, I used Almond Extract bought at my favorite family-friend Dollar Tree on Route 3A in Weymouth.  Here are this year's creations:


My review:  all the cookies tasted and looked the same.  Only I saved about $5 for that little 1 ounce bottle by just picking it up at the Dollar Tree instead of neighboring Stop & Shop.  

So if you haven't crossed over to the dark side of generic spices, you should.  It will be our little secret.  I just leave my generic spices in the container and am proud of them when company is over  -  but if you like to keep the look of class and whatnot - feel free to just dump them into a nice spice holder or whatever spice contraption your husband or kids got you for Christmas.  

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