Sunday, August 28, 2011

CVS - $26.66 becomes $0

I was gone all week on vacation - so I came home and had to do a quick CVS run because it's in my blood.  It just wasn't a good week for me in terms of rolling ECBs.  I'm now out of them and essentially have to "start over" with my ECBs.  In case you aren't into CVS or want to be:  The key to really saving is to just "roll your ECBs" - or what this means, is use your ECBs to buy things that generate more ECBs. 

Total Before Savings:  $26.66
Coupons & ECBs Used:  $19.63
Cash OOP:  $0.00
ECBs Earned:  $0

1 Kleenex box (184 ct) - Clearanced at $1.77 ($1 off any Kleenex CVS coupon spit out at me at the Coupon Center) .77 cents

1 Fabric Bandages - $3.69 (Used "Free Bandages" coupon that spit out 2 weeks ago.  Even though it expired, my store took it since they've been out of stock forever).  FREE!

1 Dove Chocolate thing - Clearanced at .38 cents

1 1.5L CVS Mouth Wash - Reg. $5.49, Clearanced at $1.37 (exp. is 3/2013)

3 Hershey's Air Delight Bars - B2G1 Free sale, had BOGO Free MFC - so all three for $1.19 or about .40 cents each

1 woman's Dove Deodorant - $4.99  & 1 men's Dove Deodorant (found a special 2-for-1 pack) - $4.99 (used a "Buy a Dove woman's deodorant, get a men's deodorant for free" MFC - exp. 8/28)  So three things of deodorant for $4.99 or $1.66 each. 

So in the past 5 weeks, I've gotten $218.38 worth of stuff for $37.37 (or $42.92 if you count my "free" money gift card - also known as a $50 gift card I got for CVS from cashing in some of my Discover Card points).

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