Thursday, July 28, 2011

Really Cheap Price for $50 at Thirty-One

Like handbags?  Check out Thirty-One.  The latest trend in handbags!

Anyways - Plum District Boston has a deal today - $25 for $50 worth of merchandise at Thirty-Three.  So how is this a spectacular deal?  Here:

1.  Use THIS REFERRAL LINK.  It will get you $5 off your first purchase at Plum District when you join through it.  If you already joined through my referral link, but haven't bought anything - that $5 should be there waiting for you.

2.  Use code INWITHNEW to score 20% off your orders this week at Plum District.

So I think it would $16 for you.  $25 - $5 referral promo = $20 * 80% (what you pay with the 20% code) = $16.

The only fine print that is different - is that you have to phone in your order.  You can't redeem online.  It's like a flashback to shopping in 1987.  The catalog is viewable online.  So I guess it's not completely 1987.

So yes ladies - you can show up to the first day of school all classy and sophisticated looking (unlike me - who usually looks like I got stuck in a wind storm most school drop off days) for very cheap.

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