Friday, July 8, 2011

Old Navy - 75% off sale!

Old Navy is having a kicker of a sale!  Many items are 75% off.  Bathing suits are 60% off.  Mens flip flops were $1.60.  I checked them out the other night at the Hingham location.  It looks like they are trying to wipe out all things summer to make room for the back-to-school stuff. 

Also, tomorrow morning (July 9th) they are doing some "Mega Deal Bag" deal.  For $20, you score a mystery bag that has items worth $100-$120 in it.  There is also a chance to win $50 and even a $1,000 gift card in these mystery bags!  I never heard of this before so I'm not sure what exactly is in these mystery bags.  I would totally try it out but I won't be around an Old Navy tomorrow morning. 

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