Thursday, July 7, 2011

The 99 - Free Kids Meals With Curbside To Go!

Just sharing a tidbit!  The husband, kids and I were out at a pool yesterday afternoon/evening.  By 6, we were starving and I had zero desire to make dinner (like most nights).  So we were going to go to The 99 since the Red Sox won the previous day (Free kid meals - yey!).  But our kids were pretty much beat - and would be horrible if we made them sit down at a restaurant. 

So with a simple phone call, we learned that you can score your free kid meals with their To-Go service!  So the husband got his hamburger, I got a salad - and we got 2 kids meals - all for only $20! 

Just passing on this info in case anyone was interested.  This may already be common knowledge - but I didn't know it! This may be dangerous to my health this summer!


MaryAnne said...

Thanks for the tip! I've never tried the free kids nights, partly because I didn't want to brave the crowds with the kids!

365 things to do South Shore said...

Becky thanks for sharing this! I don't want to brave the crowds either! I hope you don't mind I shared with 365 south shore facebook page.

Bargain Becky said...

We go way too much for the Free Kids Meals (I guess the Red Sox are doing kind of good this year...) I've never experienced a big crowd because of it - maybe once we had to wait about 20 minutes - but it was a Friday. I usually hook up the Hingham one. Just one note - you can only get one free kids meal per adult entree purchased. So if you have three kids - you only get two free if you are out with the husband. And drinks aren't included in the free kids meals.