Thursday, June 16, 2011

Entertainment Book - Wonder Bakery Outlet!

So I recently got my Boston area Entertainment Book.  I vow to actually use more than 2 coupons in it this year!   I figured - what better way to use them than blogging about how the places are?  Boring?  Oh well.

Last week, my Entertainment Book took me to the Wonder Bakery Outlet on Pond St. in Braintree.  Holy bargains!  If you haven't been - you should check this store out.  Bread is like .89 & .99 cents - with expiration dates a week from purchase.  They have english muffins 3 packs for $3.00.  They have all the deliciously bad treats - wicked cheap (my husband eats all this crap in his lunch everyday). 

I actually printed my coupon from to score a free box of treats with the purchase of any bread.  So I got my .89 cent loaf of Wonder Bread and grabbed a box of Devil Dogs ($2.50) which was free.  That's a pretty good bargain.  I also grabbed some English Muffins.  They were really tasty - in fact, I like them better than Thomas'.  They aren't all nook and cranny like - more like diner style. 

So if you like cheap Wonder products - check out the Wonder Outlet at 601 Pond St. in Braintree!  And if you are an Entertainment Book holder - don't forget your coupons!  They have a bunch of coupons to choose from but you can only use 1 per visit.

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