Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vitalicious Anyone?

If you do Weight Watchers, you probably have heard about Vitatops/Vitamuffins/Vitalicious blah, blah, blah.  Well if you haven't, they are these tasty treats that pack lots of fiber, low calories and low fat.  1 Vitatop is 1  WW point.  Nice, huh?

So what's the catch of these amazing muffins?  They are pretty darn expensive.  A four pack at the grocery store is $4.99.  If you have been itching to try these suckers and have about $30 to burn doing so, now is your chance!  Hungry Girl teamed up with Vitalicious to offer you 24 Vitalicious treats for $22 (I think it's $7 for shipping and handling).  But this is a great assortment of muffins, tops, and brownies.  You can see the entire assortment (and other important junk relating to your order) at the link on the bottom of this post - but it's a great deal, boasting a 30% savings from what it normally would be (yeah, these delicious suckers are expensive suckers!).  Let me just add - the assortment includes Fudgy PB Chip, Deep Chocolate, and Double Chocolate Dream varieties.  How can you not want to try these?

I've bought Vitalicious through Cashbaq before (they give you 7% back) - but I can't find the Hungry Girl link through the webpage - so it might be hidden or whatever.  Or, it could be 5:45 in the morning and I'm just not caffeinated enough to find it.

Anyways - HERE IS THE HUNGRY GIRL VITALICIOUS OFFER LINK   This offer is good until 7/28/10.  Ahhhh....that's tomorrow.


Erica said...

I bought a bunch of these last year at Shaws in the discount freezer case for .50 a box. I couldn't believe how much the retail price was! My son really liked the chocolate ones and the joke was on him because they were healthy.

Bargain Becky said...

How awesome is that Erica!? .50 for a box?! That is bargaintastic!