Wednesday, April 21, 2010

5-point Dinner Using Hillshire Farms Turkey Kielbasa (BOGO at Stop & Shop this Week)

I love meat.  All meat.  In this Weight Watcher nonsense of mine, it is not chocolate that tempts me.  It is not cake that tempts me.  It is not cookies that do it either.  It is meat.  It is that 1/2 lbs. of salami in the refrigerator that is constantly calling my name.  It's the 1.88 lbs of steak I bought recently and just threw in the freezer.  It's Big Macs.  By the way, I tried a "Big Mac Snack Wrap" on the whim about a month ago (I was hungry, the kids were hungry, it was raining and the drive-thru was just oh so easy).  Yeah - it was delicious in my book - but I think it  was also 8 points.  I should have just spent the 16 or whatever it is on a real Big Mac.  Such a tease, but such a good tease.

Anyways - check out this simple and delicious dinner I'm making tonight:

In my crockpot, I put 2 cans (15 oz) of flavored diced tomatoes.  I also cut up a ring of my Turkey Kielbasa and threw it in the crockpot and will be cooking it on high for 2 - 3 hours. 

Now what I did with the Kielbasa - it is 14 oz and 2 oz is a serving (2 points).  So I cut 7, 2 oz. pieces using my WW scale.  Then I took one and cut it in 7 pieces.  It was pretty good.  So I cut them all in 7 pieces.  Now, when I go to eat tonight, I know I can have 7 pieces of Kielbasa on my plate for a serving.   

When we're ready to eat, I'll cook my Ronzoni Smart Taste (has 5 grams of fiber per 2 oz., so it brings the point value from 4 to 3 - whole wheat pasta usually has enough fiber to boost it down to 3 points from 4 points of "conventional" pasta as well).  I ran these three ingredients through the Recipe Builder at and it's 5 points a serving.  You can boost it  up a little too by adding some diced red peppers to it and even cut up mushrooms.  This wouldn't affect the points value unless you add like 3 lbs of either and you probably aren't doing that. 

Now if you love meat like me - you can score this Hillshire Farms Turkey Kielbasa pretty cheap at Stop & Shop this week.  How?  It's Buy One, Get One Free at $4.39 ea.  Then, there have been a ton of $1/2 MFCs in the paper recently.  So use that on 2.  You get 2 rings for $3.39.  I was going to buy the Low Fat Beef Kielbasa - but it's nutrition wasn't as good as the Turkey one.  The turkey one is 90 cals per 2 oz. with 5 g. fat and no fiber.  The low fat was something like 150 cals. with 3 g. fat or something - but I knew it was 3 points and not Turkey Kielbasa it is!

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