Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Unilever/BJ's Rebate!

From 1/26/10-2/28/10, BJ's is having a pretty good rebate.  Buy $100 worth of participating products (see below), and get a $40 BJ's gift card with mail-in-rebate.  That's kind of like 40% off if you stay close to $100!  These items do not all have to be on one receipt.  It's pre-coupon amount that counts, so if you have MFCs or BJ's coupons for these products, it makes the deal even better. 

Participating products:

Pond's Cream
Lipton Recipe Secrets
Lipton Noodle Soup
Axe Deodorant
Axe Hair products and shower gel
Dove Hair products
Dove Bar
Dove Body Wash
Dove Deodorant
Caress Bars
Vaseline Products
Suave Professionals and Kids
Wish-Bone Dressing
Country Crock Spreads
Country Crock Side Dishes
I can't Believe It's Not Butter
Hellmann's Mayo
Slim-Fast products
Skippy Peanut Butter
Lipton Tea
Knorr Sides
Breyers Ice Cream
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
Klondike Bars
All detergent
Wisk detergent
Snuggle products
& virtually the entire Solo Cup line (paper/foam plates, bowls and cups)

The rebate form is in the February Coupon book that was just mailed out.  If you don't get the coupon book, you can just put your name, address, city, state, ZIP, and daytime telephone number on a 3X5 index card. 

Mail form (or index card) with receipt(s) (be sure to circle the qualifying items and make sure you have $100 worth of product on them) to:

Unilever/BJ's Gift Card Offer
P.O. Box 7485
Wilton, CT  06897-7485

All requests must be received by 3/15/10.  Allow 8-10 weeks to receive your gift card!  Limit one offer per envelope, but you can do up to 2 rebates per household.  This is a GREAT deal if you are a person who stocks up on disposable plates/cups for parties or whatnot.  Also take note, this rebate is for individual consumers and requests from groups, clubs or organizations will not be honored. 


jenny said...

I plan on trying this out this weekend with lots of MFG coupons! I'll pop back and let you know how it goes...

Bargain Becky said...

Jenny, thanks for the comment! Actually, you can bank now good if you got your March BJ's book! There are coupons for the Dove, Ragu, All and some other of these products in there. You can combine BJ's coupons with MFCs - and the March coupons only have expirations dates - not "beginning" dates. Best of luck! I spent $103 pre-coupon and probably $85 post coupon. Haven't added it up yet, but set to mail in my rebate tomorrow! I better get my $40 gift card!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Did anybody get their gift card? I haven't received mine and it's been over 8 weeks.

Bargain Becky said...

Thanks For Posting! I haven't gotten mine yet and I mailed mine on February 21st. I'll do a blog post!

mami_q said...

Hi All! I stumbled upon your posts by googling "bj's unilever rebate"! I sent in my rebate about 4 days before the deadline and no card yet. Good to know that the window is 8-10 wks, because I was thinking 6-8. So now I can chill out for another month! (yeah, right!)

I'm not sure how I did with coupons on my specific Unilever items, but I can give you the overall. Including $101 of purchased Unilever products, my total was $267! (We're a family of 5!) Overall, I redeemed $101 in coupons, so I'd like to think all my Unilever items were free! That left a total of around $166 dollars and 40 back from the rebate! So, after rebate, I slashed my total by OVER 50%!!!

I actually went in on Feb 28th (last day for Feb book) and came out with a heaping cart full. I was procrastinating a bit, but it paid off. My 'Spring Journal' arrived on the 27th and it had "Unilever, Buy a #, save an amount" coupons in it. Those helped a bunch!

By the time I left, my receipt literally dragged the ground. I got adoration from the staff! Especially the kindly, older gentleman, who checked my receipt at the door. My 'coupons' section of the receipt was 4 X's longer than my purchases! (As you know, it can usually be the other way around)

PLEASE don't forget that BJ's coupon policy allows you to redeem one coupon off any full-sized, individually coded item in a pack! That means that on a 4 pack of toothpaste, you can redeem 4 MFCs. I usually find crest coups for .75- 1.50 off a tube; depending on the variety. If you are dutiful to clipping, printing and organizing your coupons, a BJ's membership can be paid for times-over, in just one trip!

I'll be upgrading to a rewards membership when I renew in August.(before this, I could never see the point!)

By the way, does anyone know if the percentage for rewards is based on the 'before' or 'after' coupon total? Either way, with the way I've begun "couponing", it would only increase the savings!

Super-duper saving to you all! I'm headed back to BJ's tomorrow, before this book ends. Plus, 'Summer Journal' has arrived! Pretty much every coupon I plan to use is paired up with multiple manufacturers'. I'll pop back in to update ya, if you're interested...

Also, thanks for being so informative and keeping us posted on your rebate status! :)

Bargain Becky said...

Thanks for your comment Mami! I'm not sure about BJ's rewards and whether or not it's pre-coupon or after coupon. I would think after, only because that is how ECBs work. It is 2% back - I did a few rough calculations a while ago and for what we buy at BJ's - I would just about be breaking even with the rewards and extra membership cost - so it isn't worth it for me personally. If you did a lot of shopping there - and even household/gifts/clothing, then yes, it would be a great deal.

I remember getting my March coupon book a few days before March 1st and thinking that there were a TON of the Unilever rebate coupons in it! Plus, there were a ton of unilever MFCs out there at the time. You were smart to wait! ;)

So it is 8-10? I thought it was 6-8, but yeah, it's probably 8-10. $40 is a big rebate so it's been in the back of my head. Thanks again for posting and I'll be sure to update when I actually get my gift card in the mail. I mailed mine mid-to late February.

Anonymous said...

anyone receive their rebate yet?
its been a while

Anonymous said...

I have not received my gift card yet and can't seem to find any contact info to find out about it. Any suggestions?? Anyone else receive theirs?? I am wondering if we will ever get this $40 gift card???

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if we will ever see these gift cards?? I can't seem to find any contact info to check on them?

Bargain Becky said...

I have not yet received my rebate - and I mailed it 11 weeks ago (the 25th of February). I am going to try to find out who to contact today. Will post about my findings. I have yet to have one person say that they actually got it yet.

tkarlson3 said...

Well funny I should find this post. I am missing my rebate as well. I copied the contact information and called Unilever this morning only to get their privacy statement. I called BJ's directly. They informed me that Unilever has until the end of May to get these rebates out to consumers. So much for the 8-10 weeks. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

I asked my local club for infp and they gave me the number for the home office to check

Anonymous said...

I called the main office and they said all rebates should be received by the end of May -
if not, call the home office and they will be glad to help out.

Anonymous said...

I just posted the 2 comments about calling the main office and I just got my rebate today.... 5/20

mami_q said...

GASP! I got a letter from the marketing firm for the rebate stating that, due to a "larger than expected response", they were sending this letter (dated 05/27)to acknowledge that I WOULD get my rebate at a later date--- but with no estimate! And the wait continues! I'm headed to BJ's tomorrow and would've loved to have it in that envelope today. :(

Lilac Fox said...

I mailed mine in on March 3 months later I've seen nothing....has anyone had any luck on getting anywhere with either Unilever or BJs??

Bargain Becky said...

That's horrible Mami! I got my rebate around 5/20. It was pretty generic - just an envelope with the card and some little strip of typed up garble that said "Here is your $40 gift card". It looked homemade.

Good luck and keep us posted!

Lilac Fox said...

I got that same letter, Mami. Although on plain, unimpressive letterhead, I'm glad to know my submission have at least been received and validated. Fingers crossed we get our cards soon....