Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Probably Just Moving Over to Facebook...

Hello!  I just wanted to mention that for deals I find, I'm just going to start posting them on my Facebook page instead of on this blog.  I always have Facebook up (sad, but true) - and blogger is just blah for me right now.  It's just a lot easier to do a one liner and add a link to Facebook than here.  My Facebook feed also gets posted on my Twitter account (who knew I'd be so computer-savvy in my old age?).  I'll probably keep this up in case I want to continue on documenting my grocery trips, post giveaways or write other babble.

In case you care about privacy or anything like that, joining my page won't allow myself or other members to see your information - unless you have your stuff set to public (which, you probably don't). 

Thanks for understanding!  Here's the links to my Facebook Page and Twitter account:

Bargain Becky on Facebook

Bargain Becky on Twitter