Monday, November 9, 2009

My 10 Cents Shaw's Trip!

Started with $30.50 in CATS

Total Before Savings:  $69.87
Total Preferred Savings:  $21.87
Total Coupons Used:  $47.90
Cash OOP:  10 CENTS
CATS Earned:  $30.00

CAT (x2)
5 Cheerios - PSP $2.99, Sale $1.88 (3 .55/1 MFCs DOUBLE from and, $1/2 MFC from Paper)
12 Progresso Soups - PSP $2.50, Sale $1.49 (2 $1.10/3 MFCs from, 2 $1/3 MFCs from
3 Hamburger Helpers - PSP $2.50, Sale $1.69 (.75/3 MFC DOUBLES from
3 Betty Crocker Potatoes - PSP $1.89, Sale $1.69 (3 .40/1 MFCs DOUBLE from &
1 Betty Crocker Frosting - PSP $2.19, Sale $1.69 (.50/1 MFC DOUBLES from

PSP:  $60.31
Cash OOP:  $25.71
OYNP Earned:  $30.00
Net:  -$4.29

2 Nestle Chocolate Chips - $2.50 (2 .50/1 MFCs from Paper DOUBLE) $1.50 ea
2 Ronzoni Smart Taste - $1.50 ($1/2 MFC from $1 ea
1 Yakisoba - .89 (.50/1 MFC from paper DOUBLES) .11 cent money maker

Things I've Learned:

-  I absolutely love when things work out just the way they are suppose to. 

-  It's still early on in the week.  If these sales boggle your mind, use my scenarios or others (Deal Finding Mom is a good one).  They work - obviously.  The good thing about this transaction is that I got almost all of my coupons from the internet - and

-  My Shaw's is still stocked up full of the sale things.  So I don't feel guilty working this deal more than once.  Remember - if you don't need these items, your food pantry does!


Diane said...

great job!!!!!!!

Amy said...

I wish my store doubled. They read every coupon, and I never get lucky. 10 cents is awesome!

Missy said...

Amy I sympathize! I went to my favorite cashier who always just scans my coupons and lets them double...the bagger announced that he was doing it wrong on my CAT purchases of this week and made him UN-double all of the internet coupons that say DO NOT DOUBLE on them. Cost me at least $4.50 extra. Very disappointing!

Kelly said...

I think this is when I first stumbled across your blog. I miss the old Shaw's days too.