Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kitty Needs Love Too!

I went to Walmart yesterday to get some kitty supplies for our cat, Charlie Woo. I put the total on a gift card, but still counting it towards my spending since I would have had to fork over the cash for it if I didn't have the gift card.

2 20 lbs containers of Cat's Pride Litter:  $5.78 ea
1 big old bag of Friskies:  $11.25
Total:  $22.81

I also went to Tedeschi's a couple days ago and grabbed 2 gallons of milk.  I logged it but didn't blog it.  It's not that exciting.

2 gallons of 1% milk:  $2.29 ea
Total:  $4.58

So far this week at Shaw's I have spent $55.42.  Now.  On average, I try to spend about $96 a week on groceries.  I don't care if I go over some weeks because other weeks, I stay way under.  I'm more of an "average" person rather than a "stick on budget" person. 

With 2 days left of this "grocery week", I have already spent $82.81.  I have about $14 left to stay "on my average".  I know I'll be buying at least one more gallon of milk.  So now my challenge is, in the next 48 hours, can I spend just $14?  Because then, not only will I be able to show how much I was able to stockpile for my local food pantry, but I can say that I did it while sticking to my "grocery budget."  Oooh....the suspense! 

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Amy said...

You can do it! My budget is $96 a week too, and I'm an average kind of girl. Some weeks I just don't have time to get to the store, so we use what we have, and I make up for it in other weeks.