Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Fill The Food Pantry" Shaw's CAT - Day 5

I took the kids up to Stone Zoo today.  Great Zoo.  If you haven't been there yet, check it out.  It's perfect for the 5 and under crowd.  On the way back, we played the GPS game.  I looked up "Shaw's Supermarkets" on it and found the Melrose and Medford ones.  I've never been to Melrose before (maybe I have, but didn't know it) - I love it though!  I thought it was the coolest little town and their Shaw's is awesome.  Way to go Melrose! I even called my husband and said "Man!  Melrose is awesome!"  I think he hung up on me because he had better things to do than listen to me babble. 

Trip 1 - Started with a $10 CAT

Total Before Savings:  $29.24
Total Preferred Savings:  $14.47
Total Coupons Used:  $14.00 (only $4 in MFCs!)
Cash OOP:  .77 cents
OYNP Earned:  $10.00

4 Total Cereals - PSP $5.29, Sale $2.00 (2 .50/2 MFCs Double) $1.50 ea
2 Progresso High Fiber Soups - PSP $2.50, Sale $2 (2 $1/1 MFCs) $1 ea

1 pack of M&Ms - .89
1 package of Goldfish - $1.88

Trip 2 - Started with a $10 CAT

Total Before Savings:  $30.02
Total Preferred Savings:  $15.52
Total Coupons Used:  $12.00 (only $2 in MFCs)
Cash OOP:  $2.50
OYNP Earned:  $0!

Potential CAT (no coupons produced though)
6 Fiber One Cereals - PSP $4.29 ea, Sale $2 (2 $1/3 MFCs from paper) $1.66 ea.

- I got 2 "original" which produced CATs for me before.  I got 4 "Honey Cluster".  They looked more appealing and were on sale for $2.  So I figured they would work with the CAT.  I was wrong.  I can only imagine how I look when I'm standing there, staring at that little green light waiting for it to blink, only to find it never does.  It's almost like waiting for my best friend to show up to play and she never does! 

1 pint of blueberries - $1.50
1 Teddy Grahams To-Go Pack - $1.00

This Week's Shaw's Summary:

PSP: $461.52
Cash OOP: $55.42
Cats in Wallet: $10.00
Net: $45.42

Total aside for Food Pantry: 10 cans of soup, 8 boxes of broth, 25 boxes of cereal, 11 boxes of granola bars, 6 boxes of potatoes, 5 packages of cookie mix, 6 Warm Delights, 5 packages of Chex Mix.  Which looks like this:

-  I was bad last night.  I was craving something salty and I grabbed a Chex Mix bag.  So my 6 bags for the food pantry becomes 5. 
-  I'm keeping a box of Fiber One Cereal.  I want to try the Honey Clusters. 


maryanne said...

We love Stone Zoo, and the fact that our library has a pass to get us in for free. I need to take the kids before it gets too cold - thanks for the reminder!

Okay, I really need to get better at couponing. I never get deals anywhere near these.

And I am in awe of your food pantry collection.

Anonymous said...

great job buti dont understand your oop total is that for all your shoppingfor the week because the shaws totals dont seem that high

Kellie said...

great job! I am envious! I did two more shaw's shops today and ended up making over $5 so I was happy! :) More cereal for the food pantry!

Kellie in NH

Anonymous said...

Great work on the food pantry supplies! I got nabbed on the fiber 1 non-deal too earlier this week. Sigh...

I'm impressed!


Katy said...

his is fantastic, Becky!!!!