Thursday, October 29, 2009

Big Tent Users - Get a $10 Shutterfly Credit!

Are you on Big Tent?  I know some readers are.  It's like but it's free.  So if you want to start a group of anytime, check them out ( 

If' you are already a member of Big Tent (and became a member before 10/14/09), you can get a $10 Shutterfly credit (good for Christmas cards or other photo gift!) by clicking THIS LINK and voting for your favorite holiday cards.  Also, if you email the offer through Big Tent once you did yours, who ever gets the email gets an added 3 personalized cards for free!

I'm hoping to combine the $10 credit with my Pampers Gifts-To-Grow points to score a bunch of free photo junk this holiday season!  Wooohoooo! 

By the way, if you haven't logged onto Pampers lately, you might want to check your account.  My friend Celeste at Itty Bitty Bistro logged in yesterday and saw that all of her points vanished!  She emailed Pampers to find out what the deal is.  I'm staying tuned for details....

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