Thursday, October 15, 2009

10 Shaw's Betty Crocker CAT Scenarios Plotted!

I plotted out 10 scenarios for the upcoming CAT and my "Bargain Becky's 'Fill the Food Pantry' Charity Week".  If you click on the actual picture, it will get big and you can actually read them.  Good luck trying to read my chicken stratch (and understanding everything)!  The prices circled on the left (usually just over $25) are the Pre-Sale Prices.  The prices circled at the end of each one that are anywhere from $8 - $16 are the OOP cost.  Remember, each scenario will generate a $10 OYNP and if there are 6 Pillsbury's on it, will generate $14 in CATs. 

I got A LOT of coupons for this at both and has coupons too. 


vfolsom said...

Thanks for the scenarios! Good luck with your shopping!

Momma and Her Doodle said...

What chicken scratch, your writing is easy to read :)

Thanks for the senarios!

Bargain Becky said...

Sorry - I didn't intend to post them while I was writing them up.

I find it's easy to write them on envelopes and just stick the coupons in the envelope. I stapled each scenario together as I couldn't find my paperclips.

BTW - I don't think this deal is letting people do it 2X in one trip...didn't work for me or others on SD.