Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stop & Shop Deals 8/14-8/20

The following are good deals at Stop & Shop for the week of 8/14-8/20. Not all deals are mentioned, but these are the ones that I find to be pretty good. Check your circular for all deals this coming week. Check out their circular HERE to see all deals.

Nectarines or Peaches - .99/lbs
Extra Large Tomatoes - .99/lbs
Corn - 8 for $1.99
Cabbage - .59/lbs
Squash - .99/lbs
Red Peppers - .99/lbs

London Broil - $1.99/lbs
Split Chicken Breast - .99/lbs
Oscar Mayer Weiners - BOGO Free ($1/2 MFC from paper)

Dannon Yogurt - .40 ea ($1/10 MFC from paper) .30 ea
Tropicana OJ - $3

Lifesavers Candies - BOGO Free
Sumer Furniture - 50% off
Purex Complete - $4.99 ($2/1 MFC from paper)

Check out The Grocery Gathering to find other great blogs to supermarkets all over the country!

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