Tuesday, August 18, 2009

BJ's Run!

Total Spent: $36.53

Some Steak for the Husband's Birthday - $9.54
1 lbs of cheap bologna (husband's favorite) - $2.66
1 lbs LOL American Cheese - $3.73
2 lbs of Salami - $6.99
2 pk of Wonder Kids Bread - $3.19
A dozen Bagels - $3.49
2 lbs Blueberries - $5.49
3 lbs Bananas - $1.44

- I went to BJ's with a major intention of getting milk. As you can see, I didn't get milk. I do these kinds of things often.

- The deli was packed. My kids were acting a fool. I just grabbed the 2 lbs of salami instead of waiting longer for Mr. Deli man. I needed to get out of there fast. Probably why I forgot the milk.

- My BJ's membership expires this month! Ahhhh!! I know to not renew right away - because I'm pretty sure they send you better offers after a month or two. I'm not sure if I can go a month without BJ's though. I do get my money's worth so we'll see how desperate I am come September (also known as Son #2's birth month...)

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