Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shaw's - A Superb Trip!

Total Before Savings: $60.86
Total Preferred Savings: $20.63
Total Coupons Used: $35.28 ($25 OYNP)
Cash OOP: $4.95
OYNP Earned: $5
Kraft Mail-In-Rebate: $20
Total Towards Spending: -$15.05

Kraft Promo
4 Shredded Cheese - $2 ea (2 $1/2 MFCs from paper) $1.50 ea
4 Singles - $2.50 ea (2 $1/2 MFCs from paper) $2 ea
2 Velveeta Cups - $1 ea (BOGO MFC from paper) .50 ea
2 Philly Cream Cheese - $1.67 ea ($1/2 MFC from paper) $1.17 ea
1 Capri Sun - $2.22
1 Sponge Bob Mac & Cheese - $1.50 (Son #1 really wanted it. I didn't want to fight)

Total Kraft: $27.06 (wasn't planning on the Sponge Bob Mac & Cheese - so I figured $25.56)
Total After Coupons: $21.06
Earned $20 back from Kraft and a $5 OYNP from Shaw's

Other Stuff

1 gallon Shaw's Milk - $2.49
2 Freihoffer's Bread - BOGO @ $3.59 ea
2.58 lbs of Grapes - $2.55
1 Wacky Mac - $1.25 (.75/1 MFC - stupid cashier manually entered it as $1 - could have been a money maker. Not worth fighting about) .25 cents
1 Glade Soy Candle - $3.29 (FREE MFC from Paper) FREE!

Things Learned:

- I'm going to enter in -$15.05 since I'll be getting $20 back from Kraft in the mail. I'll forget to add it in when I actually get the check. Is this cheating? Maybe, but since I don't have a boss, I make my own rules.

-I'm mad my Wacky Mac coupon didn't scan and the cashier entered it wrong. Again - should I fight over .25 or a possible .50 cents? Not worth my time.

- Was not happy with this cashier. She kind of sighed when I handed her my stack of coupons. Pardon me for wanting to score some extremely cheap cheese. Oh well. It was between her and a known coupon nazi - so I took my chances on the lady I never saw before. She also tried to shew me away before my $5 OYNP and Mail-In-Rebate form printed. I don't know why the coupon printers take so long to print there! I feel stupid hanging out for a few seconds waiting for them to print (but it's worth it - even if I make people mad in the process).


Jess said...

Yeah, it took around 30 seconds after my transaction was wrapped up for the cat and the rebate form to print. Meanwhile, I asked the checker about it and he had no clue at all that I should get anything. Oh well... at least I did get what I came for!

Celeste said...

The printers take FOREVER at my Shaw's too. Makes me feel like a dope as I'm standing there staring at the green light on the machine when everyone around me is like get the heck out of here!

The Ramos Family said...

I too had to stand there for almost a minute (with two toddlers in the cart, it felt like at least 10 minutes!) for my rebate/coupon to print.

Anonymous said...

I had to stand and wait for my coupons to print too. I politely said "I believe I should be getting a coupon and rebate." They just look at you like "How would you know?". Uh, because I planned my whole trip around it, Duh! Maybe it's just me but If I was a cashier, I think I would know what to expect that machine to print out based on what people are buying. Do they not know what is in the flyers each week.

Oops, am I rambling. I needed to get that off my chest.

Teresa said...

I love the way you write. You crack me up. You make us feel like we were you and can totally understand how it all played out and the way you felt. Yep we've been there done that!

hopeng said...

It took a while for my coupon and rebate form to print too. I was already starting to think that somehow I screwed up and needed to return everything, and then it started printing!

Anonymous said...

My father had a fight with his Shaws when his rebate and coupon did not print after he carefully studied the ad and bought exactly what was on the page. They made him take every item out of the bag and proceeded to tell him it did not qualify if it was not exactly what was in the picture in the paper (even though it was correct). Finally the manager handed him $5 and two $10 gift cards just to get him to go away happy.

I know I have to go get this but the idea of walking into a market after last week exhausts me.


Bargain Becky said...

That's horrible Andrea! I disagree with what Shaw's said - There were a TON of those little $5 & $20 stickers on a bunch of Kraft stuff that wasn't on the back page! Like the boxes of Mac & Cheese - those aren't pictured but they were part of the deal. They were all over the cookie racks too. Maybe you can just copy a scenario. It really is a great deal.

Ha ha Teresa! Tackfulness isn't my strong point!

Lori said...

I must always get a slow bagger because I don't seem to have a problem. I also just go to the store once a week, because I am lazy, and buy a ton of stuff and I am always waiting for the bagger to finish up.