Monday, August 10, 2009

BJ's Trips!

2 trips to BJ's were had in the past week. I'm just posting them now because I am an official slacker. Oh well. I think most knew that already.

Trip 1

1 box of Luvs (180 Size 4s) - $29.99 ($5/1 BJ's Coupon) $24.99
1 Glad Trashbags (150 ct) - $11.99
1 Glad Snackbags (400 ct) - $5.99 (Free Snack Bags with Trashbag Purchase)

Total Before Savings: $49.09
Total Coupons Used: $10.99
OOP: $37.72 (some tax gets taken off with the coupons)

Trip 2 (actually the 1st trip - I did this about a week ago)

1 lbs of Land O'Lakes American - $3.28
1 lbs Wellsley Farms Turkey - $5.99 ($2 off WYB 1 lbs of Cheese and 1 lbs of deli meat)
3 lbs bananas - $1.39
3 quarts Half & Half - $1.79 ea
1 bottle of BJ's Women's One-A-Day vitamins - $7.99 (I guess I was feeling old and unhealthy)
2 dozen eggs - $2.99
1 Nesquick Powder - $6.99 ($1.50/1 BJ's coupon) $5.49
1 32 ct Juicy Juice Boxes - $9.99 ($2/1 BJ's coupon) $7.99
1 2 pk Mott's Apple Juice (gallon bottles) $6.79 ($2/1 BJ's coupon) $4.79
1 2 pk Wonder Kids Bread - $3.19

Total Before Savings: $54.47
Total Coupons Used: $7.40
Cash OOP: $46.97

I guess I already added in this trip to my monthly total the day of the trip. I just never got around to posting it. I was too drunk on Shaw's sales I guess.


Kris said...


Went to BJs today. Did you see that they have a $2/1 coupon for the glad trash bags up front? If you use that with the free snack bag coupons, you pay something like $7.99 for both boxes. Not a bad deal!

Bargain Becky said...

Oh schnap! They didn't have those a few days ago! Boo! Great deal!

The trash bags were $11.99 for 150.
The snack bags were $5.99 for 400.

So you are talking $9.99 for both. If you had MFCs (usually they are $1/2 packs), you could use 2 of those (on the snack bags) to make it $7.99.

Great eyes Kris!! Do you do Weymouth or Dedham?

Kris said...

I bought the 78 count trash bags at $9.99 and the 400 snack bags at $5.99. So, with the $2/1 coupon and the free snack bag coupon I only paid $7.99 for both boxes. Not too shabby.

I do the Stoughton BJs.

Bargain Becky said...

Oh yeah. I always forget about Stoughton. I don't think I ever been there. Will have to pop in when I go to Ikea next!