Monday, August 24, 2009

CVS Glade Deal & BJ's Swiffer Deal!

I've been in such a "savings" rut lately. I just don't even really go shopping much. My friend Lori is really good at bargain hunting. Here are two scenarios that she figured out at CVS & BJ's.

CVS - Glade Scent things. There is a battery operated one and a plug in one, they are both 2/$10, spend $10 get $3 ECB and there was a $3 off coupon in the paper recently for one of them and a $4 coupon in the paper yesterday for the other one. Good deal, free stuff ;) Well if you have 2 $4 coupons you obviously can make money on the deal.

BJs - Swiffer Wet Jets, there is a coupon at the door for $10 off if you buy the the wet jet (24.99) and the refill (10.99). I also had a $5 off the wet jet and a buy a wet jet get a free refill MFC. So it was like $10 for the wet jet and the refill. I do not know when the $10 off coupon expires. The awesome cashier had one from the door, he said they reprinted them because they want to sell a lot of the refills.

Hope this helps someone! I might actually do the Swiffer Wet Jets if I get the energy to sort coupons. I'm currently washing my kitchen floor by hand. It's just too exciting to break myself away from to sort coupons!

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Anonymous said...

I so did this last week. Awesome deal for the swiffer !! WOHHOOOO !