Monday, July 6, 2009

Stop & Shop Kraft Cheese Catalina!

Andrea from ? (I think MA!) writes in about the super Kraft Cheese Deal going on at Stop & Shop:

I am not 100% sure of how many you need to buy but...I bought 4 of the Kraft Naturals 2% shredded cheese at Stop & Shop yesterday (I had four coupons for .50 off, doubled). Cheese is on sale 2/$5.

Price $10 for 4 bags of cheese
Coupons $4 off (.50 doubled x 4)
$6.00 OOP
$3 catalina off next grocery order generated
Net: 0.75 each!!

Even without the coupons, $7 for 4 bags is still a pretty terrific deal! I just am not sure how many bags you actually HAVE to buy to get this. There's no sign on the catalina but I bought 4.

Many thanks to Andrea! Kraft did have a lot of shredded cheese coupons out there a while ago on and through their Kraft Website - but those are all down now. Not sure when they all expired.

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