Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Children's Place Monster Sale!

So - I made a crazy online purchase. Kids clothes. I'm a sucker for great deals. The Children's Place is that for me. First, I went through Cashbaq.com. Make sure you actually go to the home page and log into your account (the last time I bought online at The Children's Place, I linked through another blog and that person got my Cashbaq credit :( Well...so says the people at Cashbaq...So sad!. Cashbaq will give you 3% of your purchase back at The Children's Place.

Next. Buy whatever you want. Lots of good cheap stuff. Enter code FA79 at checkout will score you an extra 15% off the already reduced prices. All orders (no matter how big or small) ship ground for $5.

What did I get? $76 got me (well...$71 and $5 Shipping)...
8 pairs of shorts (4 casual formal, 4 sport like)
3 t-shirts
2 pairs of PJ's
3 Polo shirts
3 bathing suits (trunks for boys)
1 baseball hat
1 button-down shirt

- I bought all 4T clothing. I have a 3 and almost 2 year old so 4T will be good for next summer for the older one. Poor child #2 gets the hand-me-downs.

- That is 21 pieces of clothing - so I averaged $3.61 per piece (and that is including the shipping charge!).

- I'm actually most excited about the swim trunks! They are on clearance for $4.79, but with the 15% off, they are $4.07. I just bought a cheapo pair at Target (I was in need) for $7.99!

- If you are venturing into 4T clothing, check the "Big Boys" section too. The "Baby Boys" is 6 months - 4T, but the "Big Boys" is 4-14. Now I don't know much about boys clothes, but I'm pretty sure 4T is about the same as a boy's 4. I could be wrong. Maybe someone with actual older kids could confirm this or whip me up side the head and tell me I'm wrong.

- I "earned" $2.28 for going through Cashbaq.com. Not a lot, but every little bit helps. Since joining, I've had more than $55 deposited into my Paypal account from them. And believe me - I'm not a big online shopper. I'm starting to be though - only due to the fact that shopping with the kids is equivalent to Chinese water torture these days.


Kara said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Becky! I picked up some shorts, leggings, a few tops and undies for Abby for $25 (with shipping). Not bad!

Celeste said...

SO glad you posted this! I LOVE an end of season stock up!

I spent $81 after shipping but got:
1 skirt
2 pair of capri shorts
8 shirts
1 tunic
2 dresses
11 pairs of underwear (their underwear are the absolute best i've found)
1 pair of sandals
3 pair of sunglasses (3 year old girls you know)
1 pair of socks
1 hat

After Cashbaq it works out to $3.41 per item. Unbeatable deal.

Thank you!!

Bargain Becky said...

Glad you guys got in on it early! I'm sure the site will be slow today.

There were no boys socks or undies :(

Anonymous said...

I got a ton too but was most excited to get my twins swim suits for 6.99 (with a discount after that!) and a couple of things for school for just a few dollars.

I'm off to the outlet this weekend to see if their selection is a little bigger related to sizes. Let's hope...we need cheap PJs!


MaryAnne said...

Wow, sounds like you got some great deals! One of my friends told me that a 4T tends to run a bit wider than a regular 4, but 4s fit most 4-year-olds fine.

Bargain Becky said...

Thanks Maryanne! That makes sense - kind of like the 24 month to 2T conversion.