Friday, June 12, 2009

Stop & Shop!

Total Before Savings: $36.57
Total Stop & Shop Savings: $7.08
Total Coupons Used: $16.22
Cash OOP: $13.27
OYNP Coupons Received: $5.00

***I saved $1.47 by giving the cashier the "5% Off Your Purchase" coupon on top of all the other coupons - it took 5% off $29.49. I had $4.75 in OYNP Coupons.***

1 32 oz Gatorade - $1 (Free S&S Coupon, My receipt shows an MFC of .75 off, that's strange!) Money Maker of .75 cents!
1 M&Ms - $1 (Free M&M Coupon from Free Chocolate Friday) FREE!

P&G Catalina
6 20 ct Tampax - $3 ea (6 $1/1 MFCs from P&G Year of Savings Book) $2 ea
2 Pringle Cans - $1.50 ea (2 $1/1 MFCs from P&G Year of Savings Book) .50 ea
1 pack of Luvs - $6.49

Things I have learned:

- Well first and formost, I had every intention of NOT buying the LUVS but buying 5 Dawn dishsoaps. They were $1 and I had 5 .50/1 (Doubles!) MFCs. Would have made my grand total $6.78. But of course, they were out of them. I didn't even think of bringing my back up coupons with me. So I just grabbed a Luvs as we can always use more diapers.

- If you try to plot out these catalina scenarios - I have found more times than none, there will always be one thing on your plan that the store is out of. I like having a "back up" stash of coupons to substitute in case this happens - which it does a lot!

- Even if your catalina scenarios don't pan out the way you intended them too, you're still getting a great deal.

- I know I sound paranoid, but I just do not jive with my Stop & Shop. I swear, everytime I go in there, everyone and their mother rolls their eyes at me (except for the cashiers - the workers are very nice at S&S). Now granted I looked really foolish - my 20 month old was in the seat of the carriage and my 3 year old wanted me to hold him. So I was holding my 3 year-old as his butt was on the carriage handle. I'm going down the BBQ Sauce isle and I have this lady who parks her cart in the middle of isle and is just studying the 48 different types of sauces. There was a worker stocking stuff too. So I come barrelling down and obviously going through. She doesn't even acknowledge my existance so I say "Ahhh. Excuse me, I need to get through." This is when she does a deep sigh and moves her cart over. Is it really that bothersome to move a grocery cart?


Leslie said...

There are some people who seem to feel they own the aisle - just like they'll cruise down the passing lane at 55, holding people behind them.
Someday I'm going to move somebody's cart and take the purse that was left, wide open, on the seat - just to prove how idiotic that person is. Well, I probably won't take the purse, but boy can people be dense!

Heidi said...

Becky: Can't tell from your post, but in case you weren't sure, the P&G Cat deal worked on PSP, too. Pretty sweet! I got a raincheck for the $1 Dawns (couldn't find 'em at my store either) and they're still not there!

Leslie: you should TOTALLY take the purse. Maybe drop it off at CS with a sweet smile "I found this purse someone left in the store!" :)

BECKY! said...

Thanks for letting me know Heidi! I never worked a CAT at Stop & Shop before (well a $ amount one...) so I didn't know! Great to know!!

If there is a sudden rise in purse snatches at Stop & Shop, I'll be deleting this post! ;)