Monday, June 22, 2009

Stop & Shop Coupons!

Today in the mail, I got another series of 5% off coupons at Stop & Shop! Now honestly - think about it - it's not really that Earth shattering. If you spend $100, you save $5. Big whoop. But every bit helps - and a BIG tip - if you use this coupon with other coupons, put this coupon ON TOP of all other coupons. The register will take off 5% off the PRE-COUPON amount. If your Shaw's or other supermarket takes competitors coupons, these should work (I'm convinced my Shaw's is the ONLY Shaw's that says they take competitors coupons, but in reality, they don't. I still love them.)

My mother does all her shopping at Stop & Shop. She gave me a big stack of coupons this past weekend. In there were lots of good things for Stop & Shop - a coupon for a FREE pint of Grape Tomatoes. 10% off meat purchase (I do not think you can use this with the $5 off $15 out there - because they are both store coupons - if you want to test your luck committing coupon fraud, be my guest. Bargain Becky advises against it though) and a couple other things that came in her mailbox. Remember - not all mail is junk mail - even though it might look like it!


Celeste said...

This month I have been using both the Shaw's coupons that came in the mail ($6 of $60 I think) AND the 5% S&S coupons (at Shaw's) which have added up to at least $10 off each week. I was thrilled to see another round of each come in the mail for July!

Anonymous said...

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Eden said...

how do you get s&s coupons in the mail? i just can't figure that one out! :)

Bargain Becky said...

I think you just have to shop there a lot! The 2 rounds of 5% offs I got actually have the old owner's name on them. I know my father-in-law gets S&S coupons with my name on them - but they are never good. I probably should update my address on their website. I'm actually going to a S&S info session tomorrow (they invited some bloggers over to their store in Framingham) - I'll ask them and report back!