Monday, June 22, 2009

CoCo Keys Cyber 3 Day Sale!

So - I really don't think this is a great deal for the Massachusetts CoCo Keys lovers - but if you are near Newark, OH or Rockford, IL - it seems like a steal! You can buy a 10 pack of day passes at CoCo Keys for the next 3 days - for $10-$20 per ticket (see below for location cost). I've been to the Danvers CoCo Keys once before. It was pretty neat. I managed to survive alone with my two toddlers (I had some friends there with me). These passes are good from now until August 28th - so if you think you'll go a couple of times with your kids this summer, or want to team up with some other parents and kids, get in cheaper by going the bulk route!

On June 23, 24 & 25 you can purchase day passes for as low as $10 per pass, with the purchase of 10 tickets. Choose from any of the 10 CoCo Key Water Resorts locations nationwide. Hurry, as a limited supply is available!

Buy 10 day passes for only $10 each -- Newark, OH & Rockford, IL locations

Buy 10 day passes for only $15 each -- Chicago, IL; Mt.Laurel, NJ; Omaha, NE; Kansas City, MO; Cincinnati, OH and Waterbury, CT locations

Buy 10 day passes for only$20 each -- Boston, MA and Fitchburg, MA locations

A total minimum savings of over $150! You are saving a minimum of $15 per ticket at any of the 10 CoCo Key locations nationwide. (Day passes range from $25 - $39.) Purchase your day passes now!

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