Sunday, June 7, 2009

Shaw's! Working This Catalina!

Total Before Savings: $71.28
Total Preferred Savings: $22.70
Total Coupons Used: $14.20
Cash OOP: $33.38
OYNP Coupons Received: $15.00
2.09 Bottom Round Steak - $4.16
1 Shaw's Hot Dog Rolls - $1.67
Shaw's Hamburger Rolls - $1.67
Wacky Mac - $1.25 (.75/1 MFC Doubled!) Money Maker of .25 cents!
5 Shaw's Spaghetti - .88 ea ($1/5 Shaw's Coupon) .68 cents ea
2 Tostito's Chips - $2.50 ea ($1/2 Shaw's Coupon) $2 ea
2 Tostito's Salsa - $2.50 ea (BOGO Free Peelie right there) $1.25 ea
2 Florida Natural OJ - $2.47 ea

Back Page Catalina Deal

2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks - Reg. Price - $2.99 ea, Sale - $2.50 ea ($1/2 at
3 Lipton To-Gos - Reg. Price - $3.25, Sale - $2.50 ea (3 .60/1 MFCs from the Newspaper)
4 Suddenly Salads - Reg. Price - $2.59, Sale - $1.33 ea (1 .50/2 MFC DOUBLES, 2 .40/1 from
1 Chex Mix - Reg. Price - $2.69, Sale - $1.67 (.50/1 from

Pre Sale Price: $28.78
Sale Price: $19.49
Coupons Used: $8.50
Cash OOP: $10.99
Cats Received: $15 (**See below as to why**)

Things I have learned:

- So when I originally checked out, the BC Fruit Snacks didn't ring up on sale. They rang up at $2.99 ea and I only got a $5 cat. So I went to the service desk. I told them the fruit snacks didn't ring up on sale and I very nicely said, "Well since they weren't in the system for being on sale, they didn't count towards my $25 purchase so I think I should have gotten a $10 cat instead of a $5." The girl was so nice and apologized. She told me to give her an item that I knew was part of the CAT. So I gave her a box of Suddenly Salad. She told a guy to ring up enough to hit $15 so a $5 would be produced. Well he did that -but a $10 was produced. (PSP probably...). So she gave me my $1 back and the $10. I even asked her if she wanted the $5 OYNP back since I was only entitled to $10. She told me to keep it apologized for my inconvenience. That is like super dooper great customer service. A+++ for my girl Noel. She hooked me up and was SO VERY NICE about it.

- If you are doing this cat - be care of the Transformers fruit snacks. They aren't ringing up on sale.

- I used to say that I hate going shopping on a Saturday, but my poor little Shaw's was pretty dead yesterday.

- I'm trying to be a good little grocery blogger and putting the links to the coupons I used from the internetz...So I did that up above. To make this easy - I usually get 90% of my internet coupons from, and Every now and then, I'll grab a coupon from a manufacturer website or something of that nature.

- Just remember too - if your CATs don't print out because something wasn't inputted on sale, don't be mean to the customer service people! Ask really nicely - when the guy manually entered in the Suddenly Salads and got a $10 back, he said to the girl, "I only did like $16 - but it spit out a $10 CAT." And the girl said "Oh that's weird." Even the workers at Shaw's don't know that these Catalina deals use Pre-Sale prices to generate the coupons. If you don't get your Cat - you are still getting an AMAZING deal! And this deal is doubly awesome because even if you make a mistake - like only buy $24 PSP (like I have done many a time in the past...) - you'll get a back up of $5 OYNP! That's awesome!


Anna said...

so tell me what you think went wrong here. I bought:
2 skippy
2 hellmans light
4 bertolli
2 trix yogurt
total $25 with sale prices.
Used $1/2 hellmans, $1/2 skippy, 2x $1.50/2 bertolli, and $1/2 trix. Everything rang up correctly but the machine only printed out $5 coupon. the only thing I could think of was that maybe the hellmans light does not count?

i am no shaw's expert so i did not want to press my luck at the service desk because i did not know what went wrong.

BECKY! said...

Hi Anna!

So sorry the CAT didn't work as well as it should have for you.
And you're sure everything was actually on sale? That's really odd...maybe it was the "light" variety of the Mayo - but that shouldn't be the issue. I know the Fat Frees and the Olive Oil Mayos aren't usually part of these sales.

Also, I personally like to encourage people to not buy "off the wall" flavors during these CAT promos (Light Mayo ISN'T off the wall in my opinion). I worked in retail for way too long (compliments of Uncle Sam). Pretty much, retail runs solely on that UPC (barcode) on the back. What happens during these sales is either a person or a computer will "put the item" on sale in the master database. Problem? Well for instance - let's take the Chex Mix that is on sale this week and part of the CAT. There are like 15 different flavors of Chex Mix. Whether it's a person entering the sale prices or a fancy computer program, sometimes who or whatever won't pick up on say the "Hot & Spicy" variety. Why? Every single flavor of every single product in the store has it's own SKU/UPC/Barcode (whatever you want to call it). Sometimes it's simple human error, sometimes it's a computer glitch. For instance, this week, the Transformer fruit snacks didn't ring up on sale for me - but other varieties like My Little Pony are working just fine.

So say those Bertolli sauces you picked - you might have picked a "Roasted Red Pepper, Mushroom, Onion & Garlic" blend. So maybe whoever entered it into the system for the sale and catalina deal didn't put that particular variety in. But the "regular" or "Garden Veggie" is working just fine. Hopefully I didn't confuse you (or anyone else!!) But def. try to stay "main stream" with flavors in the future. That's just what I try to do.

I know this is long, but one last thing. If you aren't pressed for time, def. don't feel weird asking the service desk. This is an advertised sale and you did buy $25 "sale price" stuff - you are more than entitled to your coupon! Worst case is they say "no" to giving you another coupon and you walk away.

Anna said...

hm yeah maybe it was the bertollis. they all rang up 2/$5 but one of them looks funny on the receipt - maybe it was coded wrong somehow.

Michelle@Wicked Cool Deals said...

I don't know what went wrong for me either, and I'm a pro! Either the PSP isn't working, or I did something wrong.

5 Bertoli's PSP 16.45
2 Breyers PSP 10.58

PSP 27.03 and I only got a $5 CAT

I'm going to try another Shaw's store today and try another scenario. I think maybe the Bertolli's are not working. Worst thing to happen is I'll get a $5 instead of a $10. At least that's better than nothing.

BECKY! said...

I checked the Slick Deals forum. Seems the vidalia onion variety isn't working for the Bertollis - but most others are.

Alfredos are working as well as marinara and mushroom.