Sunday, June 7, 2009

BJ's! - Yeah, I spent over $100!

Total Before Coupons: $116.77
Coupons Used: $13.00
Cash OOP: $103.67

1 2 pk Maxwell House - $11.19 ($2/2 MFC at
1 Juicy Juicy 4 oz 32 pack - $7.99 ($2/1 BJ's coupon at Front Door)
180 pack of size 4 Luvs - $29.99 ($5/1 BJ's coupon from mailer) $24.99 (13.9 cents a diaper) Get another $1 off a pack when you go HERE.
1 Watermelon - $5.79 ($2/1 Watermelon from separate BJ's mailer) $3.79
1.03 pounds Wellsley Farms Turkey - $6.11 ($2/1 lbs or more from separate mailer) $4.11
1 1/2 lbs LOL American Cheese - $5.69
3 lbs bananas - $1.39
3 quarts of Half & Half - $1.79 ea
2 gallons of 1% milk - $2.11 (down 4 cents!)
1 pack of 3 Romaine Hearts - $2.49
1 pack of celery - $1.99
3 lbs box of tomatoes on the vine - $4.99 ($1.66/lbs.)
1 2 pack of Wonder Kids Bread - $3.39
1 40 lbs box of BJ's Kitty Litter - $8.99
1 5 lbs tub of cookie dough - $7.49 (the husband and kids were with me. I am weak.)
1 2 pack Children's Tylenol - $8.99 (Son #2 is coming down with something and son #1 used up my stash with his illness 2 weeks ago)

Things I have Learned From this Trip:

- I am starting to feel more comfortable in my BJ's. I think there are great deals to be had there if you use coupons. Like the coffee. Now this was a double pack. One of the cans at Shaw's is $8.99. I think the lowest sale price is usually around $5.99. So this was a 2 pack at $11.19 - which means $5.60 ea. Couple it with the $2 off 2 cans at, you get 2 for $9.19 - or $4.60 ea. Not bad for a canister of coffee.

- I was really shocked at how inexpensive Children's Tylenol was at BJ's! Usually a bottle goes on sale at CVS for $6 (and yeah, you have all that ECBs stuff)...but I was figuring a 2 pack would go for about $11.99 - but at $8.99, it's a pretty good deal. There were $1/1 MFCs out there this past winter so if you had two of those - you'd score a 2 pack for $6.99 - or $3.50 ea. Not bad at all.

- I love the BJ's deli! If you haven't already checked out your BJ's deli, do it! I had a coupon for a 1 lbs or more of deli meat - now the turkey and ham and stuff there is all pretty much $5.99 a pound. Which is actually pretty cheap compared to Shaw's and Stop & Shop. They really don't have much variety -but who cares. The deli counter is probably a 1/3 - 1/4 the size of the one at my Shaw's - but since the price is right, I don't mind one bit! Another reason why bigger isn't always better...

- I am almost done with those nasty new Target diapers (thank goodness!) - so since BJ's has their regular $5 off Luvs coupon out, I bought a box. I could have saved an extra $1 if I went HERE and signed up for the Luvs website! It lets you print a coupon. Also, there are Luvs coupons coming in today's paper. Couple it with the $5 and it's a super good deal. Luvs are $6.49 a pack at Stop & Shop this week - and part of a catalina there too!
- I didn't need cat litter but I bought it since I was there.

- It was kind of nice going with the sons and the husband. Son #1 had to go to the bathroom so Son #2 and I looked around the produce. I usually only get pineapples, strawberries and a few other random things at BJ's. I was happy to see that they had "normal" sizing for a lot of produce! Like the 3 pack romaine hearts (at $2.49 ea, it's cheaper than the super markets). They also had a 6 pack that was only $3.89. Really cheap for Romaine Lettuce!

- Don't have your BJ's coupons? You can print them off online! Whooohooo! Click HERE! Also remember to check the stand at the entrance for great coupons too. ALL BJ'S COUPONS CAN BE MATCHED UP WITH MFCS FOR ADDITIONAL SAVINGS. If your cashier is giving you a hard time with this - look at the little check writing deck - they print their policy RIGHT ON THERE and use an example of "If you buy a 12 pack of Bounty Paper Towels and have 12 $1/1 MFCs, you can use all the coupons." Can it get any simpler than that?

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April in CT said...

I've often wondered if I could use coupons (like a $2 off 2) on multi-packs like that so thanks for the info! I really enjoy Costco, but BJ's is so much closer to us we decided to go there and I really do love that they take coupons.