Saturday, June 20, 2009

Random Stuff To Record!

It's been a crazy couple days here! My husband just got his last wisdom tooth out. We just got our electrical service updated, a tree cut down and we're gearing up for new gutters on Monday. I haven't been really "shopping" in a while - but I had a few quick trips:

I bought CVS brand Benadryl for $3.99. The husband needed it as part of his tooth recovery. I thought about counting my prescriptions - but we don't really use that many prescriptions throughout the year and they are always under $5. Plus, that might be boarderline too personal - but obviously I'm not too concerned with being too personal.

OXYCLEAN! I needed more upholstry spray since my kids get my sofas disgusting. I was with my mother and she fronted the whole $4.16 - but I'm counting it towards my spending.

We grabbed a few things good for when you have a tooth removed. I can't find the receipt. It was $13.27.

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