Thursday, June 18, 2009

Let Shaw's Help You Save on Your "Staycation"!

First, I must admit - I hate the phrase "staycation." It just sounds stupid. For starters, my husband and I have been partaking in "staycations" since 2005. That's right. We haven't gone on vacation since 2005 - and even that vacation was pretty cheap - I won a 4 night stay at any Sandals resort of my choice, so we went to the Bahamas.

Here I thought for the past 4 years that we were just poor. In comes the Spring of 2009 and the new and hip thing are "staycations." I personally would like to credit myself and my husband for helping to make this trend popular. I'll have to stop telling people we're just poor and uncultured - we'll change it to we're trying to help the environment and our local economy.

Well if you are looking for some day trip fun in New England, Shaw's just launched 6 pages of discounts at New England museums, sporting events and other things. The best one I could see was a Buy One Ticket, Get One Free at the Brockton Rox. They have coupons for Edaville, CoCo Keys, Davis Farmland, Roger Williams Zoo, etc. etc. There are honestly just too many to list. So check out the coupons yourself: CLICK HERE!

Thanks Shaw's and all the area attractions for making our "staycations" cheaper than ever!

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