Monday, June 1, 2009

Oops...Sent the Husband To the Grocery Store!

The husband went to Stop & Shop for some half & half on Saturday. He picked up OJ, bread and milk being "nice". Totally overspent, but I appreciate his thoughtfulness (even though we had all that junk!).

1 big thing of Half & Half - $4.29
1 big thing of Tropicana - $6.49
1 gallon of 1% milk - $3.69
1 loaf of bread - $1.39

Total: $15.86

Nothing was on sale :(

I'll update do my May recap here later on.


Paula said...

Becky I know the feeling. I sent my hubby to the store the other day for bread, lunch meat and cupcakes. I needed the cupcakes bad. He came home with bread, lunchmeat, chips, icecream, oreos and no dang cupcakes. lol It is dangerous to send them but at the same time it is nice to let loose of our power and just say oh well. They got what we needed (and more) but it was a trip we didn't have to make.

Michele Horne said...

Oh, I never dare send my husband. I nearly have an anxiety attack when he comes home with 1 measly grocery back and has spent $30!!! You are a brave woman.

homeschool mamma said...

or when you send him out to get the makings for smores and he goes to BJ's and buys the supersize graham crackers (4 boxes in a case), the 5 pounds marshmallows and box of 48 large hershey bars for $42.00. They were delicious though!

Eden C. said...

oh sorry about that. poor hubby! :) my husband doesn't go very often to the grocery store for me, but when he does, i am always surprised at how well he does. although chips & cheese dip usually make it into the mix. (i will grant him that though since he really doesn't splurge at all. :))