Monday, June 1, 2009

May Monthly Recap!

I spent $439 in May. Spending since 1/1/09 is $1,801. I have saved $2,549 since 1/1/09 by shopping sales and using coupons.

Previous Monthly Spending:

April: $448

March: $305

February: $305

January $304

Things I've Learned This Month:

- I don't have the slightest idea why my spending went up by about $140 a month the past two months. I'm still right around my goal, but it's odd. Maybe I'm buying more produce or diapers? Splurging more? I should take some time to look at this.

- This month I had a lot of "big" trips instead of a lot of little trips. I found that it used to be easier to go to the store every other day with my two little ones - Now I find that it's easier to just go one night a week while the husband watches them.

I wish I had something more productive to say, but I don't! At the end of June, we'll officially be half way done with the year. If I'm around $2,200 spent, then it looks like I'll be spending more along the lines of $4,400 this year than $5,000. I'm not sure if the holidays will make me go crazy with grocery spending or not.

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