Sunday, May 24, 2009

Old Navy and Retail Shopping With Coupons!

I went to Old Navy yesterday. It was packed, sold out of women's and kid's flip flops and just too much for me! I did swing through the men's department to find some $1 flip flops left. Since I have beastly feet, the 6/7 men's fit me fine. So I grabbed 2 and 1 pair for my husband. I also scored a $10/$50 purchase from (hint - put the dude's head on his body).

I guess in the store I realized what a moron I was. I mean - the whole $1 flip flop thing lured me there in the first place. But was it worth it with the crowds? Not really. I mean, the flip flops are normally 2 for $5 and I would never really want to buy 5 of them anyways. Great marketing had it's way with me.

I ended up getting 5 shirts, a pair of shorts and 3 pairs of flip flops for $43 (which I put on my gift card that I got from cashing in coins a while ago). Since I was in line for a little while, I was looking at people checking out. I like studying people's buying habits - weird, I know. I realized that in the 7 people I saw checking out, not one of them had a coupon that is easily printed off I guess it's just odd to me - going shopping without coupons is not something I ever really do anymore. Like I don't really get the urge to just "stop by Old Navy" or other retail outlet. Part of my whole "let's go get new clothes routine" always include rounding up and looking through the coupons I get through the mail, my email and internet. The days of just going to the mall with my credit card are way long gone. It makes me wonder if this is how I'll always be. I mean, will I ever get to a point in my life again where I can just spend a few hours at the mall, drop a couple hundred and be happy with no coupons used? Probably not. I wonder if I'm the only freak like this out sure seemed that way at Old Navy yesterday!

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Leslie said...

I don't consider you a freak at all. You know the value of money and that by being frugal you can enjoy some of life's small pleasures more easily.