Sunday, May 24, 2009

Give Thanks For Memorial Day Bargains!

Memorial Day weekend is such a glorious weekend for many. Great weather, great sales, lots of hot dogs and a 3-day weekend. Unfortunately, many of us forget to remember that the reason Memorial Day exists is to commemorate the men and women who have died in military service. I spent some time both as an enlisted Marine and an officer in the Navy. I'll admit, I really didn't like being in the military and wasn't really good at it either. But I do have a deep appreciation for those who have and currently do serve our country. It's definitely a different lifestyle than most of us are accustomed to and I don't think many people realize the sacrifices many make to serve in the military. Some even sacrificed their life and that's what Memorial Day is all about.

Casualties in American Wars:

Americans who have died fighting in Iraq so far: 4,301 (reported by CNN)

Americans who died in the Persian Gulf War: 148 in battle, 145 in out-of-combat accidents

Americans who died in Vietnam: about 58,000

Americans who died in Korea: about 36,576

Americans who died in World War II: 418,500 (includes 1700 civilians)

Americans who died in World War I: 116,708

Americans who died in the Civil War: At least 618,000 but could be closer to 700,000

Plus there are many other casualties from other smaller incidents such as Afghanistan (682 - I think this figure is included in the Iraq numbers, but I am not sure), Grenada (241 Marines in 1983), random Embassy attacks, as well as many more.

So I'm just reminding you to give thanks to those who serve and those who currently are. If you see anyone out at the store this weekend sporting some Marine, Army, Navy or Air Force garb on, simply say "Thanks for your service!" I can almost guarantee you'd brighten that person's life more than you can ever imagine - and all you did was say one 4-word sentence to a complete stranger.


Kara said...

Blogger needs a "like" feature like Facebook. Great post, Becky.

Katy said...

Word, Kara!

Celeste said...

Double word.

Lori said...

I was thinking the same thing Kara!
Thanks Becky :)

Will got a US Army tank yesterday for an early birthday present from my aunt so we have been celebrating a loud memorial day weekend. It is so not appropriate for a 3 yr old either, your boys will love it ;)

Heidi said...

Becky: Thanks for your service.