Friday, April 24, 2009

So Over Budget - and only the 24th!

I just spent $40 at Boo! But Baby Cheapskate brought the offer to my attention and I thought it was a good deal on Diapers!:

-Spend $39 on Pampers or Huggies products, get a $7 credit emailed to you the middle of May. I found a box of 140 Pampers Cruisers (Size 4) for $41.99. Then go to the coupon page and you get $1 off. Brings it to $40.99

-Register your New Account. Spend $50, get $10 off on your first order. I got some insect anti-itch swabs and some foot spray. Total came to $50.17, but with my $10 off, it's now back down to $40.17 (cheaper than just buying the diapers!).

- Orders over $25 ship free.

- I went through They give you 7% back on your purchase. ($2.81 for $40.17)

- I earned $2.01 dollars good to use in the month of July.

I'm a marketer's best friend these days! It's really a good deal for diapers though - and they're good diapers!

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Paula said...

Good deal on the diapers. I sure feel sorry for all of you that have to buy diapers...I thought it was expansive 21 years ago!