Friday, April 24, 2009

Bad Night at Shaw's!

We were out and about and I told the husband "Let's swing by Shaw's to do two ConAgra deals between the two of us." I had my list planned, he had his. Neither scenario generated Cats. Oh well. I do love me some National Hebrew hot dogs so it's all good. And again, you can't really complain about the cats not working when you don't even spend $25. Oh well.

My transaction:

2 Egg Beaters - 2/$5 ($1/1 MFC - should have printed off 2, but I went banking on getting some ketchup so I didn't have 2 on me)
2 Hebrew National Hot Dogs - BOGO @ $5.99 ea
4 Hunts Snack Packs - $1.25 ea

Total Before Savings: $25.52
Coupons Used: $1.00
Cash OOP: $14.99
No Cats Generated

Husband's transaction:

2 Hebrew National Hot Dogs - BOGO @ $5.99 ea
5 Orville Redenbacher Popcorns - 3 @ $1.67, 2 varieties didn't ring up on sale (probably why cats didn't print) $2.89 ea

Total Before Savings: $26.43
Coupons Used: $10 OYNP
Cash OOP: $4.33
No Cats Generated

I probably should at least go complain about the 2 boxes of popcorn not ringing up on sale but I'm lazy. Oh well. New week. Almost new month. I love hot dogs!


The Sensible Organizer said...

I had a bad night too as I didn't split my transaction up and only got $10 in cats vs $30. Somehow I thought in the past it didn't matter but clearly it did. That is the last time I take my kids with me. :)

The Sensible Organizer said...

After reading your post again I am wondering if they changed it to after sale prices. My o/p last night was under $50 which might explain why I only got $10 in cats.

Anonymous said...

I did the deal yesterday and got no cats either. Bought 4 hot dogs and one popcorn. I wondered if it didn't work because I used some taco bell cats.

BECKY! said...

Sensible - I have done two transactions in the past too! But thanks to Ronnie at Deal Finding Mom, I realized those Catalinas weren't ConAgra ones. Oops.

I think they caught on or something. Maybe I'm just dumb. I thought maybe my husband's transaction didn't work because he used CATS but then mine should have worked fine. I don't know. I guess I could look at the Slick Deals forum but I am lazy.