Monday, March 9, 2009

Wisconsin Cheeseman & Cashbaq!

I've been looking to get something for our neighbors - they have been so very nice and have actually snowblowed our driveway and sidewalk after EVERY snow storm this past winter!  Isn't that nice?   If you live in Massachusetts - you know that snowstorms hit us all too often this past winter!  But what do you really get 50-somethings who can pretty much buy whatever they want and don't really need anything?  A gift basket!  

So in my searches of gift baskets, I discovered a great deal if you've been meaning to give a gift but are strapped for cash (or just want a good deal!)!  See that picture up there?  On sale for $8.74 and standard shipping is $7.99 - So $16.73 to make someone's life a little sweeter!  

You can score this and other clearance gifts at the Wisconsin Cheeseman by clicking HERE.  If you go through they'll give you 8% back of your purchase!  I'm not sure if the shipping is part of that 8%.  

I always thought of us as being "too young" to have to have a snow blower.  We're in our twenties, we're able bodied...but as we're approaching 30 (well, me at least), I find I'm getting lazy.  Now that the winter season is coming to a close, I'll be scoping out clearance snow blowers!!  If you come across any great deals - let Bargain Becky know!!  


Kara said...

Bargain Becky, you've convinced me to try out Cashbaq. Want to refer me?

BECKY! said...

Sent! It takes about 3 months for them to actually give you the loot. I figure by the time Christmas comes, they'll probably have given me over $100! I think I'll spend it on myself though!

Katy said...

I signed up for Cashbaq too- seems cool!

OH CRAP! I just now read Kara's comment. I should have had you refer me. Crap crap crap. My bad! :(